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Parenting Orders Program.

Post separation co-operative Parenting Program

CatholicCare’s Parenting Orders Program incorporates a series of Post Separation Cooperative Parenting services.
These services aim to assist highly conflicted separated parents in regional areas to manage their conflict in their child’s best interests.

The program helps separated parents understand the effect of entrenched conflict on children and that their children need them to be supportive of their relationship with the other parent. It also helps parents develop strategies to deal more constructively with each other.

Short educational workshops designed to evoke strong emotional reactions in parents and to shift them from entrenched conflict to a greater awareness of children’s needs are integral to the program. Additional supports such as counselling are provided to help parents act on the insights they gain through the workshops.

Parents may attend voluntarily or they may be ordered by a court to attend Post Separation Cooperative Parenting by itself or in conjunction with a Children’s Contract Service or other programs.


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