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Our BRC services are inclusive and available to everyone: we support people from diverse backgrounds, abilities and identities. If you’re in the Darling Downs and South West Queensland and seeking to build and strengthen business resilience and positive work culture for the winding roads ahead, we’re here to support you.


Find answers to some common questions about workplace mediation, Employee Assistance Programs, creating healthy work environments and more.

What is an EAP (Employee Assistance Program)?

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are voluntary employer-sponsored programs that help employees navigate stressful or challenging life situations. The Business Resilience Centre’s (BRC)’s EAP offers a suite of affordable, pay-per-use services to support healthy workplaces. Services include confidential short-term counselling, on-site critical incident responses and workplace mediation. Additional services such as wellbeing and psycho-social workshops, workplace culture support, professional supervision and interpreting can also be provided.

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