Child Protection

CatholicCare is wholeheartedly committed to protecting children from harm.

CatholicCare works to ensure that children are aware of their rights (including the right to be safe and protected from harm and abuse) and that staff can prevent, identify and mitigate risk of harm to children.

The promotion of this child safeguarding culture is championed and modelled at all levels of the organisation.

Some of the strategies to prevent, identify and mitigate the risk of harm to children implemented by CatholicCare include:

  • The development and appointment of the role of a dedicated Child Protection Officer; and
  • The publication of developmentally appropriate information sheets (about our programs) and forms (including permission and complaint forms) for kids.

Brenda, our Child Protection Officer, is available to speak with kids and/ or parents, provide them information and monitor and manage any complaints. Brenda can be contacted on via email ( or phone. An appointment can also be made to meet with Brenda face to face. Brenda works to respond to concerns or enquiries within 24 hours of receipt. A secure register will maintain records of any incidents, complaints, responses and decisions. More information about Brenda’s role and her contact information is outlined on our website and on posters displayed at our office in the waiting and consulting rooms.