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We provide a range of family and
relationship education programs
and personalised, professional and
ethically-based counselling services.

Sometimes in life, we all need a little extra support.

We understand that sometimes a little extra support is needed during pressure points of our lives...

  • where adjustments may be needed in new relationships
  • the move to parenthood
  • dealing with career changes or living locations
  • relationship separations or
  • settling into retirement.

We provide a range of family and relationship education programs and personalised, professional and ethically-based counselling services to provide assistance with:

  • Forming new relationships;
  • Overcoming relationship difficulties;
  • Dealing with separation;
  • Parenting and the care of children.

Our highly qualified counselling staff can support you to build positive relationship habits, manage conflict and strengthen your relationship aspirations. We will welcome you, respect your culture and beliefs and supportively work with diverse relationship and family arrangements.

Our Counselling Services

CatholicCare provides a broad range of professional family and relationship counselling services designed to help you to meet the challenges of life and relationships. Our programs include:

Individual Counselling

Couples Counselling

Children’s Counselling

Family Therapy

Individual Counselling for Separated Parents

Individual Counselling

This service focuses on a range of needs for all individuals including those impacted by

  • trauma
  • drought
  • domestic violence
  • grief and loss
  • anxiety
  • relationship concerns and
  • self-esteem.

Couples Counselling

This service offers counselling for couples in a relationship who are encountering difficulties in a wide range of areas including:

  • communication
  • connection
  • parenting
  • intimacy and
  • safety.

Engaged or thinking of getting married? We also offer a Pre-Marriage Education Program (FOCCUS).

Children’s Counselling

Our experienced children's counsellors use a number of age-appropriate techniques to support children's emotional, social and behavioural development. Some common reasons parents seek counselling support for their children include:

  • if a child struggling with parental separation
  • if a child is struggling with anxiety
  • any form of childhood trauma
  • any issues around identity and
  • if the child is experiencing bullying.

This service is available for children over the age of 5.

Family Therapy

Family therapy focuses on supporting all individuals within a family structure to develop healthy communication, functioning and development through strength-based support and to promote the overall emotional and mental health and wellbeing of all individuals.

Family therapy occurs via individual, couples and family (group) counselling sessions.

Individual Counselling for Separated Parents

This service provides an opportunity for an individual parent experiencing separation to be heard and validated. It also provides room for reflection and strategies for change.

Are you a separated parent looking for support? Learn more about our SPARK (Separated Parents Are Raising Kids)

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