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Making information readily
available for separating parties.

Making information readily available for separating parties.

CatholicCare established The Court Kiosk in partnership with Family Law Pathways Network and The Toowoomba Federal Circuit Court. CatholicCare’s Family Relationship Centre Team staff the court Kiosk and maintain a particular focus on supporting CaLD and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients. The Court Kiosk is set up on sitting dates to:

  • Assist separated parties, lawyers and FCC staff with brochures and information regarding local family law services;
  • Offer written materials covering general information on topics relevant to family law e.g. child development information;
  • Discuss the individual needs of interested participants to determine what local services or information may be of benefit to the participant or their family;
  • Provide a hub for volunteers representing local family law services. These volunteers may complete internal referrals for services offered by their organisation (with the participant’s consent) or provide contact information for other local family law services;
  • Offer a notice to Federal Circuit Court staff identifying the name of the duty lawyer and Court Kiosk Operators servicing the Court each day.
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