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FDR/Mediation Services

Supporting families through relationship breakdown, separation and co-parenting

Supporting families through relationship breakdown, separation and co‑parenting across the Darling Downs and South West Queensland.

CatholicCare mediation services work to support families develop parenting agreements. 89% of families who complete the process end up with a partial or full Parenting Plan Agreements.

Programs successfully delivered include:

  • Mediation;
  • Property Mediation;
  • Community Action Dinner;
  • Rural Mediation;
  • Court Kiosk;
  • Child Inclusive Mediation;
  • Legally Assisted Mediation;
  • Workplace Mediation.

CatholicCare’s fully qualified Resolution Practitioners can assist with mediation for parenting and property matters. For more information about what to expect, click here

Our Mediation Services

Program Details:

Legally Assisted Mediation

Child Inclusive Mediation

Rural Family Dispute Resolution

Property Settlement

Legally Assisted Mediation

The Toowoomba FRC is now able to provide Legally Assisted Family Dispute Resolution (LAFDR) in appropriate circumstances. This form of FDR typically involves both parties having a lawyer present in the mediation room with the FRDP(s) during the Joint FDR Session to support the problem-solving and agreement-making phase of FDR (Two-Lawyer LAFDR). The role of the lawyers in Two-Lawyer LAFDR is to observe and occasionally ask questions rather than advocate for their client’s wishes in the mediation room. Both parties will still be required to verbalise their own concerns and demonstrate a genuine effort to resolve the issues in dispute. Either party can consult with their lawyer privately during the Joint FDR Session in order to obtain advice.

The Toowoomba FRC collaborates with a number of established local legal services to provide LAFDR that is non-adversarial and child-focused. In some cases, we can assist parties to access legal representation or parties may wish to bring their existing lawyer. Either way, both parties require a lawyer to be present in order for Two-Lawyer LAFDR to occur.

Child Inclusive Mediation

Enabling children’s voices to be heard through the separation process.

The Child Inclusive Family Dispute Resolution (CIFDR) enables the voices of the children to be heard through the Family Dispute Resolutions (FDR) process.

Our FDR service assists families to understand their children’s needs following separation and to develop age appropriate Parenting Plans to support their child/ren to reach their full potential.

Child Inclusive Family Dispute Resolution/Mediation (CIFDR) can support your child/ren to have a voice throughout the mediation process and can enable both of you, as parents, to hear the experiences and perspectives of your child/ren.

This process can assist you and the other parent to build a better co-parenting relationship and to work towards parenting arrangements that are in the best interests of your child/ren. Careful consideration needs to be given before involving child/ren in this process. For CIFDR to be an effective process and of benefit to your child/ren, both parents need to be genuinely open and willing to hear and give serious consideration and reflect on the feedback from your child/ren’s sessions with the Child Consultant as well as any recommendations made by the Child Consultant.

CIFDR aims to support you as a parent to sensitively respond to your child’s needs and experiences. It invites you to consider your children’s developmental needs and to work together to refocus on your child/ren’s needs

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Rural Family Dispute Resolution

Our Rural Family Dispute Resolution Service delivers property mediation, mediation and dispute resolution services to assist families with managing conflict and developing parenting plans that best support the interests of any children involved.

Working across the South West Region with offices based at Toowoomba, Warwick and Roma.

Have you heard about SPARK (Separated Parents Are Raising Kids)?

A workshop series designed specifically for separated parents who are in high conflict over their children.

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Property Settlement

The Family Relationship Centre also provides FDR services relating to Property Settlement so that separated partners can negotiate and agree on financial matters without litigation.

Our team respects cultural differences and beliefs and works supportively with diverse relationships and family arrangements to provide positive outcomes for children and families.

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