Interpreting & Cultural Awareness

Our Interpreting service supports culturally and linguistically diverse individuals within the Toowoomba community. We can offer assistance to local organisations in gaining access to skilled local interpreters in several in-demand languages. Our interpreting service is a ‘Pay Per Use’ model and can be provided at competitively low rates. By engaging this service you are supporting local interpreters.

Understanding the Job of an Interpreter

An interpreter’s role is to facilitate communication between two or more people who use different languages. This means transferring messages from one language to another in a way that makes their intended meaning as understandable to the recipient as possible. Professional interpreters are required to communicate both the content and intent of what has been said. ‘Word-for-word’ translation is not often appropriate or meaningful. Don’t be surprised if an interpreter takes more words to interpret what you have said.

When should I use an interpreter?

  • When a client is clearly unable to communicate in English or has minimal English proficiency
  • Good conversational English is not always indicative of a person’s ability to understand the English required for our work with them e.g. to give informed consent or to engage fully in a counselling or casework session. Also, in times of stress or illness, the person’s English proficiency may be reduced.
  • The following cues may indicate that they will require an interpreter:
  • They request an interpreter
  • They nod or say ‘yes’ to all the professional’s comments and questions (this may be a culturally based demonstration of respect or it may reflect a lack of understanding)
  • You ask an open-ended question about something you have discussed and they are unable to answer adequately e.g. “What are some things we discussed today?” “What should you bring to your appointment?”
  • The situation is very emotional or stressful

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