Leadership Team

Our experienced Leadership Team demonstrate a strong commitment and passion for the social services sector.

They work tirelessly to support our organisation, its staff and volunteers to maintain a consistently high standard of service.


Leadership Team Members

Kate Venables Executive Director Kate Venables Executive Director Kate has an extensive background in Relationship Education, Centre Management and Regional Program Management and has held several leadership and managerial positions in the Social Services sector in regional Queensland.

Kate is a Member of the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Council; The Gennie School Council and Finance Committee; St Bart's Parish Council and Senior Leadership Team.

She has been recognised by the Institute of Managers and Leaders as a Chartered Manager, demonstrating her commitment to continuing professional development (CPD) and to the Code of Professional Conduct and Practice.

Stuart Hall Counselling Team Leader Stuart Hall Counselling Team Leader Stuart has worked extensively in the community sector with children, disability support, mental health and crisis intervention. His particular strength is in handling conflict and managing trauma. He works with parents who have separated and are in high conflict over access to their children through the Parenting orders program.

Stuart once read a wonderful life changing quote: Don’t be normal. Be an example. This quote sums up his motivation to actively empower people to make sustainable changes in their lives.

Hannah Belesky TRAMS Coordinator Hannah Belesky TRAMS Coordinator Hannah has experience working across a variety of areas including disability support, youth, mental health, and most recently resettlement of refugees and migrants.

She is particularly passionate about Toowoomba being a warm and welcoming community to all new comers, supporting a sense of belonging and a strong network of support.
Stacey McCarthy Yumbin Co-Ordinator Stacey McCarthy Yumbin Co-Ordinator Stacey has extensive experience as CatholicCare's Yumbin Coordinator and previously as the Coordinator for Murri Watch. Her passion lies with providing support to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community through our justice system.

Stacey volunteers with CatholicCare's WHADDUP program, providing support and supervision to all the youth who attend, reinforcing healthy lifestyle choices and deterring youth from risk taking behaviours.

Jayne Thorpe Business Development & Innovation Coordinator Jayne Thorpe Business Development & Innovation Coordinator Jayne has lived and worked in the Toowoomba and South-west region her entire life and has a strong appreciation that community strength comes from the strength of the individuals within it.

She has significant experience the environmental and agricultural sectors in roles to develop small businesses, not-for-profits and individuals.

Julia Kruger Administration Coordinator Julia Kruger Administration Coordinator Julia has a long career in administration and management, having owned a real estate business for ten years and time working in the Not for Profit sector as Event Manager and Finance Officer. She has extensive experience working collaboratively with teams of volunteers, management, patrons and other staff.

Julia has lived in rural Queensland for most of her life and has witnessed first hand many challenges that can occur in people’s lives. She is hopeful that her involvement with CatholicCare can in some small way, facilitate better outcomes for rural men, women and particularly children.
Morgen Grigg Acting FRC Team Leader Morgen Grigg Acting FRC Team Leader Morgen is our Acting FRC Team Leader and is here to help with Family Dispute Resolution Services
Anson Fam Senior ICT Coordinator Anson Fam Senior ICT Coordinator Anson has experience in providing high level IT services across various sectors. He holds his Master of Information Technology (Professional).

Anson first started his IT career within the educational sector. After that, he became a System Engineer for 6 years. Now, Anson is the senior coordinator for the CatholicCare ICT team. His extensive knowledge and experience make him a valuable asset.

Through the use of technology, Anson has made CatholicCare’s services more accessible. He has streamlined the IT processes to improve the online experience for CatholicCare staff and customers.
Megan Taylor Finance Coordinator Megan Taylor Finance Coordinator Megan is a Certified Practicing Accountant and has worked with small businesses within the local community for several years and has gained an appreciation of how financially inter-connected our communities are.

Megan is passionate about working with organisations to assist them in realising their financial successes by providing financial guidance in alignment with organisational strategic objectives. She has a desire to ensure that not-for-profit organisations remain viable and their services accessible to individuals and families in need of support during challenging times.