Family Dispute Resolution
and Mediation Services

CatholicCare’s fully qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners can assist with mediation for family disputes and relationship breakdowns.

Frc Aus Centre

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

The Toowoomba Family Relationship Centre (FRC) supports families to focus on their children’s needs during and/or after separation. The FRC assists separated parents and families to negotiate and agree on workable parenting arrangements outside of the court system.

The FRC supports families by connecting them to information and referrals, conflict and communication programs as well as facilitating Family Dispute Resolution (FDR).

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Our Future Families Workers are able to provide additional and specialist support to families from CALD and Indigenous communities.

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Child Inclusive FDR

Where appropriate, Child Inclusive Family Dispute Resolution (CIFDR) is also considered, which enables the voices of the children to be heard through the FDR process.

Our FDR service assists families to understand their children’s needs following separation and to develop age appropriate Parenting Plans to support their child/ren to reach their full potential.

Child Inclusive Family Dispute Resolution


Property FDR

The FRC also provides FDR services relating to Property Settlement (if eligibility criteria is met) so that separated partners can negotiate and agree on financial matters without litigation.

Our team respects cultural differences and beliefs, and works supportively with diverse relationships and family arrangements to provide positive outcomes for children and families.

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