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Our highly qualified Counselling team can support you through the difficult seasons in your life.

We provide a range of family and relationship education programs and personalised, professional, and ethically-based counselling services. Our counsellors will help you work towards building positive relationship habits, manage conflict and strengthen your relationship aspirations.

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John John People may experience trauma or grief and loss through situations they are exposed to in their lives. Together, we can move through life’s issues including traumatic events which have impacted your wellness and mental health.
I have a passion to work with people to support therapeutic healing and change, by providing tools and skills for coping at times when they might not see hope. My focus areas revolve around trauma and other mental health issues, including grief and loss, disability, relationship breakdowns, anxiety and workplace relationships.
Prior to working at CatholicCare, I have worked as a counsellor, facilitator, performed clinical duties in Allied Health teams, ran men’s groups, worked in Federal and State Government, and completed mental health care plans with clients. Due to a wide scope of issues experienced with the people I see, I incorporate an integrative approach utilising Cognitive Based Therapy. I also draw from other intervention and therapy techniques as appropriate to meet your needs.
I hold a Bachelor of Social Work and a Master of Human Services, majoring in disability. I am also a registered Clinical and Mental Health Social Worker and a member of the National College of Social Workers. In my spare time, I have an eclectic range of personal interests including finances, current media events, and my Mack Ultraliner truck.
Samuel Samuel Sometimes we all need a little extra support in our relationships as well as with managing addictions, stress and anxiety. Together, we can work through these challenges.
I have over 10 years’ experience in counselling and have done significant work with men who have immigrated from South Sudan. In addition to working with individuals from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, my other areas of focus include working with couples and people suffering from addictions, stress, and anxiety.
When assisting clients, I draw upon a number of theories depending on what is most applicable. Primarily, the theory I like to utilise is a Solution Focused theoretical approach. This theory gets you to focus on setting goals and planning how to achieve them. Having grown up in New Zealand and working in international locations such as Malaysia and the Cook Islands, has allowed me to learn and speak many languages fluently which I can incorporate in sessions if required.
I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling, Graduate Diploma in Teaching and am currently completing a Master of Counselling. I have also previously completed a number of other qualifications.
Claire Senior Family Counsellor Claire Senior Family Counsellor Everybody at some time in their life experiences significant challenges. Usually, people talk to friends and family for support but sometimes it can be helpful to talk to someone else. Engaging in counselling can provide a safe space for people to explore aspects of their life to help make life better.
I have many years’ experience in providing counselling support to individual adults, couples, families, and young adults. A particular area that I have had extensive experience in is Domestic and Family Violence counselling.
My qualifications include a Bachelor of Social Science (majoring in Counselling and Human Services) as well as a Master of Counselling. Topics where I believe I could support clients include – relationships (family and personal), grief and loss, life change and transitions, managing stress, family separation, blended families and trauma.
The foundation for my counselling is a person-centered approach which has the hallmarks of genuineness, respectful and non-judgmental. I endeavor to build a therapeutic relationship whereby the client feels safe and heard. I use an integrated approach and tailor the sessions to meet the individual needs of clients. This can include emotion focused therapy, mindfulness, solution-focused, symbol work, expressive therapy, and narrative therapy.
I enjoy the outdoors, sitting watching sunsets and enjoying long lunches.
Rose Rose Stresses and pain points in life have the capacity to affect more than just our mental health. Together we can develop holistic and integrative strategies to maintain your wellbeing as well as manage and work through life’s difficult moments.
My focus areas include anxiety, depression, grief and loss, attachment issues, trauma, family and domestic violence, separation and divorce, marriage and family breakdowns, self-esteem, workplace issues, conflict management, anger management and coping skills, as well as behavioural issues in children and young people.
In my sessions, I utilise a combination of various counselling theories and techniques, focusing on a holistic and integrative approach. Through this approach I consider all aspects of your wellbeing including physical, emotional, social and spiritual.
I hold a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Master of Counselling and am also a registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). Growing up in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country, I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese, English and Malaysian Malay. My hobbies include indulging in my love of great food, photography, traveling, camping, hiking, picnicking, video games, going to movie theatres, spending quality time with loved ones and learning about different cultures and languages.
Devika Devika Managing children’s academic, psychological and emotional needs can be difficult. Sometimes we all we need a little extra support – we’re with you.
I have over 7 years’ experience as a counsellor with my main focus being to support and work with children, parents and families who have a variety of psychological, behavioural and emotional needs.
Prior to moving to Australia, I had the opportunity to work in schools in India. I have also developed parenting programs to support vulnerable families. My counselling framework involves utilising an integrative practice, including Expressive Arts Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Person-Centred Therapy.
I hold a Master of Counselling degree as well as a Bachelor and Master of Art (Psychology) degree which I completed in India. I am trilingual, speaking English, Hindi and Gujarati. In my spare time, I love to paint.
Leah Leah Everyone experiences challenges in life, and unless we are supported well, it is difficult to navigate the trickiness of these challenges. Our brain, at any age, works best when it is supported by relationships that care and help us during these times, however, we don’t always have relationships that can offer this. The counselling space, relationship and journey should be one that ensures we are supported and thriving in life rather than just surviving.
As a qualified and accredited Social Worker and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapist (DDP) Practitioner I am passionate about all people having access to good psychological supports and having a space to share their story, be heard, and supported. My 24 years' experience of working with individuals, children and families in the Child Protection, Child and Youth Mental Health, Education and Child Development contexts has certainly prepared me well to understand children, individuals and families.
I specialise in foster and adoption issues, loss and grief, trauma and attachment, child biobehavioural issues, parenting concerns and couple's therapies. My practice framework comes from Attachment, Biobehavioural, Narrative, and Family Therapies.
In my spare time I love spending time with my beautiful children and family, playing any type of team sport and practicing yoga regularly.