More than just a Mural. Murals that tell a story.

28 June 2019

Recently the walls of CatholicCare have undertaken a transformation. Not just a fresh lick of paint but a story has been painted with passion on each wall. The master mind behind it all is a CatholicCare employee and talented artist, Susie Klein.

Susie is a storyteller by nature.

Susie is a Jaularoi woman, who was born on Mandandanji traditional lands. Her background gives her an incredible insight and storytelling ability through her artwork.

Susie has worked with CatholicCare for the past 11 years and has serviced the organisation in many various roles including, counselling services, program facilitation and family dispute resolution. Through every role Susie has passionately imparted her creative flare.

Creatively engaging the community through art.

Susie is known for engaging communities creatively through her artwork and has completed over 6 murals that are now covering the walls at the CatholicCare Toowoomba Office.

‘I love telling stories through art. It’s a unique way of sharing without words. The making of art can create peace and relaxation, and it is with this in mind I endeavour to share this passion of mine with the world’, said Susie Klein.

The CatholicCare meeting rooms have been transformed by Susie’s storytelling art.

‘These rooms are used every day and experience so many different people and situations, our clients are walking into these rooms with a lot on their mind, as they enter you can see their face light up and a positive and welcoming feeling wash over their face at the sight of the murals’, said Kate Venables, Executive Director of CatholicCare.

CatholicCare is very thankful for the work Susie has completed. These amazing murals aren’t her only work, she is a talented artist who has done commissions with many schools and organisations such as Drought Angels, WHADDUP, ABC, CatholicCare and NAIDOC celebrations.

If you would like to know more about Susie, or if you have a space you would like her to transform – check out her website

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