On-Site Critical Incident Response

Critical Incidences usually occur in or around the workplace, they are unplanned events that impact a team or an individual.

They can include serious incidents which can leave a deep and lasting impression such as:

  • Robberies;
  • Fatalities;
  • Assaults;
  • Major accidents;
  • Natural disasters.

Depending upon how involved people are in the event, reactions can often differ widely depending on their personal history, personal health and stress levels before the event occurred. We will deploy a team to come to you to provide on-site response counselling.

The purpose of engaging our on-site critical incident team is to promote safety for your team or the individual by providing a calm and comforting environment that enables the people/s to relax and debrief with our experienced incident team.

By the end of our response session we aim to make sure the team or individual feels heard, connected and self-empowered.

More about our Employee Assistance Program.


An Incident has just happened, what do I do now?

  • Call 1300 477 433. Our team will be able to provide over the phone support and guide you through the best next steps for your situation.

When should I call?

  • The sooner the better, do not delay in asking for a team to come on-site. It is important that the team or individuals have support immediately.
  • Call 1300 477 433.

What should I say in a critical incident?

  • It is important when handling critical incidences in your workplace you do not say things that will elevate or further upset the team or individual. We suggest that you do not say things like: “Let’s talk about something else”, “You should work towards getting over this”, “You are strong enough to deal with this”, “You’ll feel better soon”, “You did everything you could”, “You need to relax” or “It’s good that you are alive”.
  • If you are in a situation where you feel like saying something you shouldn’t say, we would highly recommend you contact us. Call 1300 477 433.

What people need after a critical incident?

  • Reactions can often differ widely depending on a whole selection of personal circumstances, it is important to identify what your team or individual employee needs after an incident occurs.
  • We have identified a few key things people need after a critical incident:
  • We know that people need to talk to someone about their experience, we recommend this person be one of our trained counsellors. Having someone who is experienced listen to them allows for immediate support to be given appropriately.
  • People need someone to care. This can be done by anyone. A warm drink, a warm blanket, a smile or even an appropriate hug can be helpful to those who have just experienced an incident.
  • Someone to really listen, not just talk at them. Listening and using active listening & understanding skills. Anyone can help listen to what they have to say, having one of our trained counsellors listen can help to make sure that your team or individual is heard appropriately, and immediate support can be appropriately.
  • Someone to lean on or cry on. Be there for that person. Be kind to them, silence is okay, don’t judge them, just be there for them.

How much does this service cost?

  • Our EAP Services is very affordable, our services are based on a pay per use program. Please contact us for a schedule of fees.

What happens if I call out of hours?

  • When you call (1300 477 433) after business hours your call will be answered promptly and we will be able to provide phone support to arrange a suitable time to meet within business hours. It is our priority to make sure your call is actioned.

For an obligation-free conversation about how our EAP service might support your business please contact us.

Please call 1300 477 433 or click here to download our printable brochure.