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Learning how to navigate these new COVID-19
restrictions is stressful for everyone.

Practical tips & advice for coping with implementation of the new Queensland Government COVID-19 Restrictions.

In line with the new Queensland Government COVID-19 restrictions, effective as of the 17th of December 2021, we want to support local businesses in navigating through this challenging time.

We understand these uncertain times can be stressful for everyone involved and have developed some practical tips and advice to help you and your employees cope and best prepare for enforcing these new restrictions.

Please keep in mind, if you do receive negative behaviour from your customers - it is not personal. They are just expressing their own frustrations.

Our Summary Points:

Tip 1 - Display Clear Signage

  • Display a prominent, clear and professional sign,
  • Do not handwrite your sign,
  • 80% of people are vaccinated,
  • 2 in customers with the potential to be upset, and
  • Of that 2 in 10, half won't come to a venue with clear signage.

Tip 2 - Maintain Eye Contact & Remain Calm

  • Look customers in the eye,
  • Treat them with respect and dignity,
  • Keep your tone the same, or lower it slightly, and
  • Stay calm and in control.

Tip 3 - Validate the Customer's Concerns & Feelings

  • Acknowledge customer's frustrations, and
  • Mention the Government legislation.
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We're with you!

If you or your employees are struggling and are needing some extra support throughout this time, our affordable, and local EAP (Employee Assistance Program) might be able to assist your business - reach out for an obligation-free conversation or for more information.

In support of the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce "Listen up! Please be kind" campaign

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