Mr John Olive Chairperson Mr John Olive Chairperson John has served on the CatholicCare Social Services board since 2014 and was appointed to the role of Chairperson late 2016.

John is a qualified Chartered Accountant, a Partner at Horizon Accounting Group and is recognised by the Taxation Institute of Australia as a Chartered Tax Advisor.

John has extensive experience advising a broad range of clients, and holds a particular passion for supporting small to medium family enterprises.
Ms Andrea Frost Deputy Chairperson Ms Andrea Frost Deputy Chairperson Andrea has served on the CatholicCare Social Services board since 2015 and was appointed to the role of Deputy Chairperson late 2016.

She has enjoyed an extensive career in journalism, communication and stakeholder engagement and currently works co-ordinating media and communications for Toowoomba Catholic Schools.

Andrea holds a Bachelor of Education from USQ as well as a Master of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication) from Griffith University.

Father Ray Crowley Member Father Ray Crowley Member Father Ray Crowley has served on the CatholicCare Social Services board since 2016. Originally a student of St Joseph’s and St Mary’s in Toowoomba, Father Ray was ordained in 1972 and served in Parishes in Warwick, South Toowoomba and Roma.

In 1982, Father Ray was entrusted to initiate the Counselling Departments in two of our Diocesan Colleges, building and supporting the departments of Counsellors and Chaplains across the Catholic Framework.

Today Father Ray provides support to Chaplains in Catholic Education and has a wider involvement in the community, particularly facilitating groups for those affected by grief and walking with those who are dying.
Dr Lachlan Rathie Member Dr Lachlan Rathie Member Dr Lachlan Rathie joined the board in late 2018. He currently works as Senior Staff Anaesthetist at the Toowoomba Base Hospital, and has spent the last ten years serving tenures as Departmental Director and Deputy Director as well as the Supervisor of Training.

Lachlan has a proven track record in providing high-quality services in regional areas within a cross cultural environment and strong leadership of multidisciplinary teams within a consultative environment.
Ken Avenell Member Ken Avenell Member Ken’s passion for the Educational sector is clearly reflected within an exceptional career that started in 1979. He is currently employed as Assistant Director of Formation and Identity for Toowoomba Catholic Education.

Over the course of his career, Ken has been the recipient of many awards namely, Excellence in Educational Leadership, Excellence in educational administration, and Outstanding leadership in education, educational writing and research.

Ken also recently held the role of President for SPELD Qld from 2014 – 2018.
Patrick Nunan Member Patrick Nunan Member Patrick has an accomplished legal career with extensive experience across personal injury, aviation and commercial litigation and is a qualified Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland and High Court of Australia.

He has a strong affiliation for community, dedicating more than 40 years of service to various Not for Profit organisations. His career experiences support invaluable contributions to corporate governance, breaking down isolation and providing a voice to communities, while supporting sustainability and development of organisational objectives.
Wendy Agar Member Wendy Agar Member Wendy has served on the Catholic Care Social Services Board since 2018. She holds a Diploma of Teaching (Primary), a graduate diploma of human resources management, a diploma of tourism management and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company directors.

With a personal purpose of ‘creating change for good’ Wendy Agar is passionate about making a difference in our communities.

Her strong cross secretarial background includes leadership experience in education, agriculture, banking and regional development. It is this broad skill set, combined with her strategic and purposeful leadership and a drive to innovate and collaborate, that has allowed her to transform Toowoomba’s Sunrise Way Rehab. Named the 2018 national OPTUS ‘Not For Profit Business of the Year’, Sunrise Way is supporting stronger and healthier communities through helping individuals impacted by addiction to rebuild their lives.