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Reconnecting indigenous young
people with their cultural heritage.

Connecting young indigenous people.

This program aims to create a brighter future by building up socially and culturally aware community leaders. By connecting young people to self, family, community, culture and country through developing their skills to imagine, learn, lead, communicate and collaborate. Reinforcing healthy lifestyle choices, this program is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island background youth aged 10-17 years. The program consists of big-picture, land connected thinking through activities run during 2-3-day camps involving 30-50 youth.

The Which Way school holiday program provides a special space to celebrate and strengthen connection to country.

  • We operate within a drug and alcohol-free environment;
  • We reinforce Indigenous young people and their families to grow and sustain a positive wellbeing, aspirations, attainments and behaviours;
  • We seek to engage, inspire and empower young people to grow proud and resilient;
  • We see them developing as leaders, powerful voices, through nurturing, meaningful, connection to kin, culture, community, country and opportunity;
  • We foster a welcoming, safe, inclusive, trusting & supportive, community environment.

Would you like more detail? Download our Which Way information brochure.

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Want to get involved?

Volunteers are vital to this program’s success, if you are interested in volunteering please contact us. Your involvement in this program can help make a real difference.

Click here or call 1300 477 433 to find out how you can help make a difference.

Interested in our youth program that runs during the school term? Click Here.

Like to know more?

If you are a considering this program for your child and keen to learn more about what is involved, please complete the form or call us.