Workplace Mediation

Practical and effective, this tool allows your employees to air and resolve workplace conflict and re-build working relationships. Mediation is voluntary, discussions are confidential, involving only those in dispute. An independent mediator ensures each participant is heard. We encourage those in dispute to engage in rational dialogue and work towards generating solutions.

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I have a difficult employee, what do I do?

  • Do not act out and say something you will regret. Seek help from professionals so that the situation can be resolved effectively. Call 1300 477 433. Our team will be able to provide over the phone support and guide you through the best next steps for your situation.

My employees are conflicting constantly, what do I do?

  • Call 1300 477 433 and talk us through the issue you are witnessing, our team will talk you through how to approach workplace mediation between the effected employees.

Do the session discussions stay confidential?

  • Yes. Information regarding what is discussed within a counselling session will not be relayed to any other person or organisation without prior consent.

What happens if I call out of hours?

  • When you call (1300 477 433) after business hours your call will be answered promptly and we will be able to provide phone support to arrange a suitable time to meet within business hours. It is our priority to make sure your call is actioned.

For an obligation-free conversation about how our EAP service might support your business please contact us.

Please call 1300 477 433 or click here to download our printable brochure.