Youth Services

Fostering positive relationships, promoting healthy choices, and creating a caring environment to empower and support young people.

Our Youth Counselling service provides a safe space for individuals aged 5 and above, offering support for emotional, social, and behavioural challenges. Complementing this, our expansive Youth Support Program provides access to experienced practitioners and trauma-informed care and support. Designed to enable early intervention, it reconnects young people with positive relationships and activities that help them cultivate a safe, healthy and successful future.

Whether seeking individual counselling or participating in our comprehensive support program, our dedicated team is here to empower youth, fostering a caring and proactive environment for positive growth and well-being.

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Our Youth Services

Youth counselling

Youth Counselling

Our qualified counsellors provide a safe and caring space for children, teenagers and young people aged 5 and over to express themselves and work through common challenges relating to childhood and growing up.

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Youth support

Youth Program

A comprehensive initiative designed to deliver guidance, support, and opportunities to young people to assist with overcoming challenges and building a positive future.

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Supporting young people through life’s challenges.

Dedicated counselling and support for young people in the local community. Get started today.