Counselling for Children and Youth

Supporting families and their children to build the skills, knowledge and resilience required to overcome common challenges.

We provide a safe and caring space for families and their children aged 5 and up to express themselves and work through these challenges with the help of an experienced, qualified professional.

The child and family process starts with an initial appointment with parents or caregivers only so we can understand what the needs are for their children.

Children youth counselling

Children and Youth counselling service

Our experienced counsellors use a number of age-appropriate techniques to support children's emotional, social and behavioural development. Our counsellors often provide support for a range of common youth challenges, including:

  • coping with parental separation,
  • understanding and managing identity issues,
  • coping with and overcoming bullying,
  • understanding and overcoming anxiety and depression,
  • refusing to go to school,
  • adjustment to lie stages and transitions,
  • healing from childhood trauma.

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