SPARK®: Post-Separation Parenting Support Program

We provide post-separation parenting support through our Separated Parents Are Raising Kids (SPARK®) program. SPARK® is an educational group that is designed to inform and support separated parents who are in high conflict over their children.

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Our SPARK® Program

SPARK® (Separated Parents Raising Kids) is a 6 module, psychoeducational therapeutic group designed specifically for separated parents who want the best for their children. The program assists individual parents with a variety of skills to support them during an emotionally difficult time and to work in the best interests of their children during the separation process. There are 6 compulsory modules within the SPARK® program, those being:

Communication Skills

In this module we introduce a communication model which will enable the participants to improve their communication with the other parent.

Emotional Regulation

In this module we look at how our brains, behaviour and physical state are affected by conflict and what we can

do to regulate and self-care during these times.

Conflict: Impacts and Management

In this module we explore the physiological effects of conflict, the stress it brings and how to manage during conflict, particularly considering we cannot eliminate conflict all together.

Attachment and Development

In this module parents learn about attachment and the developmental stages of children to support their parenting.

Redefining Family

In this module we identify specific challenges for families who are redefining their family situation and explore some strategies to minimise the impact.

Navigating the Family Law System

In this module the Family Law Court process and intent is explained and preparation strategies for both mediation and court are discussed.

Our Groups

After receiving your interest to participate in SPARK®, we will send you an information pack and an invite for an initial intake session. This session will assess your suitability and readiness for attendance in the program. You will then be enrolled in the group of your choice. On completion of the program, a certificate of attendance will be provided to participants. We offer a choice of three groups:


Online Men's Group


Online Women's Group

Male female

Online Mixed Group

How to Register for SPARK®

To Register for one of upcoming SPARK® workshops, please call us 1300 348 248.

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