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Separated Parents Are Raising Kids.

SPARK is an educational group that is
designed specifically for separated parents
who are in high conflict over their children.

Separated Parents Are Raising Kids.

SPARK (Separated Parents Raising Kids) is an educational group that is designed specifically for separated parents who want the best for their children. The program assists individual parents with communication skills, conflict management, the court system, attachment parenting and blended family structures.

We understand that parents in these circumstances really struggle with communicating with the other parent around the children’s arrangements, how change‑overs can be problematic, and that ‘buttons get pushed’ and things can quickly escalate into highly‑charged arguments.

This program is designed to address these types of issues, in small modules of just 2-hour timeslots. Each module is inter-related with the others, but they are all separate.

We cover topics such as:

  • How to manage conflict more wisely;
  • How to communicate better with the other parent;
  • How to have a stronger relationship with your children and meet their parenting needs;
  • How conflict impacts you and the children;
  • The Family Law System is a clear and simple explanation of the process and how you can best prepare;
  • The challenges that Blended Families can bring.

The groups are small, and we accept voluntary as well as mandated clients. We are here to help you improve your situation and you will receive a Certificate at the end of each module as well as at the end of the program, which is especially helpful if you are going through the Court process.

There are a number of sessions delivered weekly to suit your needs both online or in person. Contact our Reception on 1300 477 433 to book into a session.

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