Our Community | Our Future. Together.

Our mission is to empower individuals, families and communities to meet the challenges of life and relationships.

Our Strategic Pillars

Over the next three years, we will build on the success and growth accomplished in our operational maturity with the following four strategic commitments. This approach affords a framework for evaluating the impact and success of our efforts over time in a demanding and ever-changing environment.

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Our People

CatholicCare will lead in workplace culture and staff wellbeing prioritising and focussing on an engaged, respectful, flexible and diverse workforce.

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Our Business

We will be an innovative, professional and sustainable business with a culture of strong internal structure, systems and communication.

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Our Programs

CatholicCare will understand and respond to the needs of individuals, families and communities to deliver progressive and innovative practice models.

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Our Community

CatholicCare will prioritise partnerships and connect and across industries and sectors to be innovative leaders for our community.

Our Values

Compassion | Respect | Integrity | Justice | Hope