Our Leadership Team

Our experienced Leadership Team demonstrate a strong commitment and passion for the social services sector.

Kate Venables Executive Director Kate Venables Executive Director Kate has spent the last 20 years working in the social services sector across Central QLD and the Darling Downs and South West Queensland. Working with teams who provide services to families and individuals needing support, refugees and migrants, our first nation peoples and separated parents. Kate is aware of the many vulnerabilities and complexities of our varied communities across SW Qld as well as the enormous resilience they are able to develop.
She really enjoys people and has a wonderfully diverse staffing body who are working towards the same vision – making work a fabulous place to be! More recently stepping into the role of President of the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce, Kate feels an enormous sense of privilege in advocating, influencing and connecting for and with the business community in the Darling Downs.
Married to Cam, and mother of three adult children (27, 23 and 21 – two girls and a lad), Kate is also committed to family and her local church community at St Barts, and squeezes in a bit of exercise, some baking and reading in her down time.

Zoe Locke Deputy Director Zoe Locke Deputy Director Zoe has extensive experience in a diverse number of roles within the child protection and family law NFP sectors. She is a qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Child Consultant and most recently a graduate from Australian Institute of Company Directors.

With a career primarily in people-centric organisations, Zoe brings a rounded approach into the corporate leadership team through her passion for service innovation and seeking positive outcomes for individuals, families and our wider communities.
Leah Millward Counselling Team Leader Leah Millward Counselling Team Leader Leah is a qualified Social Worker and DDP Practitioner. She has 26 years' experience working with children and families in the Government, NFP, child protection, child development, and child and youth mental health contexts. Leah is currently the co-lead and founder of the Australia DDP Steering Committee and is engaged with several advisory committees focused on enhancing practice and development in the human services industry. 
Leah is highly passionate about ensuring quality services are available to support vulnerable families and individuals and that staff are supported well to ensure the quality is sustainable. She brings with her a vast knowledge of systemic practice, organisational development and training which is coupled with extensive knowledge of complex trauma, attachment, grief and loss, family therapy and narrative approaches.
Miranda Woodland FRC Team Leader Miranda Woodland FRC Team Leader With a solid legal practice background in family law, child protection and family & domestic violence matters, Miranda is part of the creative team of mediators at the Toowoomba Family Relationship Centre.
Miranda is socially conscious, collaborative and dedicated to delivering innovative and accessible Family Dispute Resolution services to separated families.
Stuart Hall People and Culture Team Leader Stuart Hall People and Culture Team Leader Stuart has worked extensively in the community sector with children, disability support, mental health and crisis intervention. His particular strength is in handling conflict and managing trauma. He works with parents who have separated and are in high conflict over access to their children through the Parenting orders program.

Stuart once read a wonderful life changing quote: Don’t be normal. Be an example. This quote sums up his motivation to actively empower people to make sustainable changes in their lives.

Mischa Fahl Employee Relations Advisor Mischa Fahl Employee Relations Advisor I am a passionate advocate for social justice, both personally and professionally. Much of the work I have done has been focussed on restoring fractured relationships, managing risk, all the while ensuring that the potential for litigation is managed and mitigated.
‘Practical,’ ‘authentic,’ ‘professional’ and ‘compassionate’ are all words used to describe my approach to creating and sustaining positive and supportive workplace relationships within a healthy culture.
My background is grounded in Ethics. I have additional qualifications in education, social science, mediation, conciliation and investigation.
My appointment to CatholicCare is an exciting one which allows me to use all my skills to contribute to supporting all the employee relations elements of this fabulous organisation. My role will be focussed on providing advice and guidance to the leadership of the organisation, with a particular emphasis on employee relations and employee wellbeing.
Amanda Shelton Amanda Shelton Amanda is an experienced human services practitioner
and leader, with an unwavering passion for fostering positive and productive
workplaces that empower employees to provide quality services to clients and
the community. Amanda’s experience lies in the child protection sector
where she led teams across Queensland and the United Kingdom in investigation
and assessment work. Currently, as a member of CatholicCare’s Corporate
Services team, she has responsibility for overseeing the Business Resilience
Centre, empowering businesses to support their people and invest in culture;
and for the development of Rural and Remote Services.
Amanda is dedicated to continuous learning and professional
growth. She is currently completing a Master of Business Administration
with Queensland University of Technology (QUT), increasing her skills and
knowledge in strategy, finance, leadership and digital transformation.
She also holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services) from QUT and a
Post Graduate Diploma in Policy and Applied Social Research from Macquarie