2019 Child Inclusive Practice (CIP) Forum Presentation

6 June 2019

Our Toowoomba Family Relationship Centre staff had the privilege of presenting for the 'Collaboration with Lawyers: Working together to transcend family conflict in culturally appropriate' workshop at the 2019 Child Inclusive Practice (CIP) Forum.

The 2019 CIP Forum covers Rebuilding, Restoration and Renovation, acknowledging family breakdowns are not a finite concept. Reflecting this the speakers covered a wide range topics to enrich the practice of Child and Family Therapists, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, Family Law and Childhood Specialists.

The CIP Forum was held 3-5th June 2019, in Darwin, Northern Territory.


"Collaboration with Lawyers: Working together to transcend family conflict in culturally appropriate CIFDR (Child Inclusive Family Dispute Resolution – Mediation)

The process of renovation involves taking the old, rebuilding and transforming it into the new. In Child Inclusive, Legally Assisted and Culturally Appropriate Mediation (LACAFDR), the vision for change begins with the voice of the child as the cornerstone for renovating and repairing relationships.

Separation presents a myriad of challenges for any family and without adequate support and guidance, conflict can take hold. Families presenting with additional cultural needs involve further complexities that require collaborative and tailored support to transcend the conflict and create workable co-parenting relationships.

The Toowoomba FRC has a significant and growing presence of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island (ATSI) clients who present with unique cross-cultural family law matters.

Our CIFDR-informed model of LACAFDR involves lawyers and parents (together) hearing and understanding what the child is experiencing for the first time.

This collaborative model of practice combines the skills of the Child Consultant and the mediator (FDRP) to redefine the role of lawyers in working with CALD & ATSI clients. It enables lawyers to work with mediators and play a supportive role in the process of repairing, reframing and rebuilding co-parenting relationships, where the voice of the child cannot be ignored.

The simplicity and complexity of a child’s truth is the most powerful motivator of change in any language. Our experience has taught us that a collaborative process provides the catalyst for change in restoring and rebuilding family relationships."

Presented by Zoe, Sonia, Brenda, Gayle from CatholicCare Social Services

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