Family Law Mediation: "ISSUE 11" of Best Wilson Buckley's' Crossroads Magazine

14 August 2019

"The concept of "family" shifts and changes as society's expectations evolve.

Not surprisingly, Australia’s family law system has had to undergo significant restructures over the decades to reflect the evolving needs and expectations of the modern family. If you are reading this publication, you are undoubtedly already aware that Australia’s family law system is currently under review again with the recent release of The Australian Law Reform Commission’s report, “Family Law for the Future: An Inquiry into the Family Law System”.

Many have high hopes that the reforms will lead to better outcomes for separated families. Are these hopes realistic? If answered honestly, most front-line family law professionals would agree that limitations will always exist in this area of the law as we are working with people and the inherent complexities of the human experience. Whilst it is certainly possible to improve some of the systemic inefficiencies in the way family law disputes are managed in Australia, the reality is that many of the complex matters that progress to Court will continue to be protracted, expensive and still result in outcomes that one or more parties will be unhappy with. What is the answer then?"

View the full article published online in Issue 11 of the Crossroad Magazine here.

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