The Bridge to Work – The 'Amal' Program

22 February 2022

The word ‘Amal’ means hope in Arabic.

The Bridge to Work – The 'Amal' Program offers hope to migrants and refugees to develop skills and knowledge around being successfully employed in Australia.

The Bridge to Work program is about 6 – 8 months of face to face training (three days a week) in a nationally recognised course with a local training provider to prepare them for employment or further training. During the training, participants will also get experience in using Microsoft 365 and will improve their digital skills. Participants will also have ‘work experience’ in a local Toowoomba business or organisation, supported by the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce. Finally, the participants in the Bridge to Work Program will have the full support of the program coordinator, who will help them in their training and give important information, advice and coaching about searching for work, interview skills, writing a resume, using emails and will explain what to expect when starting a job.

At the end of the program, participants will be much better prepared to work or study in Australia! Those who successfully complete the Certificate I or II training will also obtain a certificate of completion and attainment.

Applications open on Monday 14th February and close on Friday 25th February.

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