The newest community who have settled into Toowoomba is the Ezidi group and we want to inform our wider Toowoomba community about one of their very important celebrations that are coming up.

3 April 2020

Charshama Soor is the oldest and most holy celebration in the Ezidi religion, when they celebrate the creation of earth and life by God’s power.

This Celebration or Jashn as the Ezidi people call it, has many rituals, including:

  • Colouring eggs. Eggs are a symbol of the earth with the shape and the number of layers,
  • Gathering and sharing food and traditional sweets with family and friends and
  • Dancing to the traditional music.

This very significant celebration occurs on the first Wednesday after the 13th of April each year, so like Easter it’s not the same date every year.

This year the celebration is on the 15thof April. The preparation starts on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday traditionally celebrations involve visiting friends’ homes in the morning to share food and friendship. This is followed in the afternoon with a large gathering of the entire community for a party with dancing and fun.

Unfortunately, like many of the traditional and cultural celebrations held in Australia, the impact of COVID-19 and the restrictions around social distancing means our Ezidi community here in Toowoomba will not be able to celebrate Jashn as they previously have done.

We wish our newest community members Jashna wa piroz bet.

Please watch the below videos:

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