Friends to the Environment

22 October 2018

Being a Not for Profit organisation means that we are all naturally more conscious of making the most of our supplies and never waste anything that we may be able to use. Whether that be money, time or even just simple stationery products. But when we start talking about the environment in the same context the need for caution is suddenly stepped up even more. So here are some simple ways for you to be conscious of the fact we all have a responsibility to not be wasteful, not only because we work for Not for Profit organisation but also because we need to respect the environment that enables us all to exist.


1) Think twice before you print .. Do I really need a hardcopy?

2) If I absolutely must print then can I print double sided or perhaps just print one page of the whole document that you need

3) Printed by mistake? Try re-using the paper as scrap instead of wasting a notepad

4) Learn the functions of programs such as Adobe that help you avoid printing

Recycle, Re-use & Reduce

1) Recycle what you use (i.e. the green bin in the kitchen)

2) Re-use what you can’t recycle

3) And Reduce what you cant Recycle or Re-use

Vehicle Use

1) Try car pooling, ironically you will also save on that pesky parking fee

2) Can you take a short walk instead of driving?

Plan ahead

Think before you use. If there is a cost/time/environmentally friendly method take the time to utilise a better option!

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