Future-Proofing Queensland Families following National Family Law Reforms

16 November 2022

The Productivity Commission and a Selected Parliamentary Committee completed two comprehensive reviews into Australia’s family law system over the past three years. It was found that the family law system needs to be improved to better service families across Australia. As a result of these reviews, more than 60 recommendations have been proposed to reform and improve the family law system.

Late in 2019 CatholicCare Social Services commissioned University of Southern Queensland’s School of Psychology and Wellbeing, to explore and identify our current family support service strengths, key community benefits from these services, and pinpoint opportunities for fast tracking community benefits from expected national family law reforms.

Three different but often overlapping research areas were reviewed based on their level of impact following the reform recommendations. And these included:

  • SPARK Program – CatholicCare’s post separation parenting program
  • CatholicCare’s Legally Assisted Services (a multi-stakeholder perspective) and
  • CatholicCare’s overall organisational readiness

Some staggering findings were identified which highlight the already incredible work that we do to service and support families, while also highlighting areas where we can build to better service a growing number of families in Southwest Queensland.

Read full report here.

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