14 December 2018

We recently opened the conversation, to talk about the WHADDUP program together.

Our program provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youths with the opportunity to bond, network and build strong community relationships with each other for the future.

Participants have been involved in various activities throughout the fortnightly programs. During October, Elders, parents and volunteers provided a positive focus on healthy lifestyle, social connectedness and a safe space for youths to be themselves.

The story-telling circle is a traditional part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and is used as a means for interaction. Gathering inside the circle, each participant takes turns to use the talking stick to share stories together. It is an amazing space to speak from the heart, without burden and to celebrate and strengthen our connection to country.

The WHADDUP program holds a valuable place within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and we hope our program continues to shape the lives of all our participants well into the future.

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