CatholicCare is proud to partner with Toowoomba Chamber to bring the Business Connect Program to our business community.

21 May 2021

Would you like to be part of a tried and tested program, that is successful and could assist your business fulfill your workforce shortages? Employ a cultural asset today.

The Business Connect program is a joint venture between CatholicCare Social Services and Toowoomba Chamber, that matches skilled migrants and refugees with job vacancies across the Toowoomba Business community. Thanks to some new funding, the program has been revamped and will see the program service not only Toowoomba but the wider south west region.

The main focus of the project is to develop and support employment partnerships between our Toowoomba businesses and our CatholicCare Social Services skilled migrants and refugees. The Business Connect program, facilitates opportunities for employers to access an untapped pool of skills available in Toowoomba’s migrant and refugee population.

The added bonus of this program and the reason that it works is because it revolves around support for all parties. The program is an integrated workforce solution, supporting both the employer and the employee, matching talent with local job opportunities.

While there are many myths and misconceptions around employment of migrants and refugees, the program has highlighted that these perceived barriers to employment can be managed through our programs support. Employers that have participated in the program have said “The benefits far outweighed the disadvantages and that these new employees are cultural assets that truly strengthened the capacity of their business”.

Should you like to get involved, have a vacancy or would like to know more, contact the Toowoomba Chamber office or 07 4638 0400

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