New Partnership established to provide free legal migration advice for Refugee’s and Migrants within the Toowoomba region

26 August 2019

We are excited to announce that Refugee and Immigration Legal Services (RAILS) will be working out of our Toowoomba Office every second Friday of each month to offer their services to the community.

RAILS is an independent not-for-profit community legal centre specialising in refugee and immigration law. They provide free legal assistance in immigration and refugee cases to people in need, including advice on how to sponsor family members to move to Australia.

RAILS specialise in providing legal help to people who have cases before the Department of Immigration, Migration Review Tribunal, Refugee Review Tribunal and sometimes take cases of public interest to the courts.

This new partnership will help assist clients within the Refugee and Immigration sector that we are currently supporting and help us to reach more people.

We would like to welcome anyone who is in need of Refugee and Immigration legal services to call our office on 1300 477 433. We welcome your call.

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