New Program - Reconnecting & Supporting young people to live a life without crime!

23 May 2019

We are excited to announce our new Youth Bail Support Service! This program is focuses on working closely with other local agencies to help prevent crime, to act early in reconnecting young people to a life without crime and supporting good behaviour and a positive future.

Our Youth Bail Support Program operates within business hours (Monday to Friday) and is conducted by 3 specialist youth workers.

The Youth Bail Support Program helps to ensure that young people will have:

  • Improved chances of being granted bail
  • Improved capacity to meet their conditions of bail
  • Increased strengths and wellbeing
  • Families contributing to help reduce offences in future

This program aims to work with the young people to make positive changes in their lives, such as:

  • Improved cultural connectedness
  • Improved family/kin relationships
  • Improved participation in learning
  • Improved participation in employment
  • Improved housing situation

To be eligible to receive support from this program the young person, people or their families (where appropriate) must be:

  • Involved in the Youth Justice system
  • Have committed or are alleged to have committed an offence
  • Are remanded in custody or at risk of remand due, in part, to lack of positive support in their community
  • Are exiting detention from a period of remand and are at risk of returning to detention
  • Are appearing in court on offences and are at risk of being remanded in custody
  • Have been granted bail and require support to meet the conditions of bail

If you know or are assisting someone who meets the above criteria please click the button below.

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