This is our teams' way of reaching out to our community and providing online support at this difficult time.

17 April 2020

In these videos, we will talk about helping children during this time, dealing with anxiety, resetting your focus, facing difficult situations, keeping connected and coping with stress.

It's very important to be informed but to continue on with life, just in a new way.

We hope these videos encourage you. Please reach out with any questions to

We're with you.

Episode 1: Video Series Introduction presented by Stuart Hall.

Episode 2: How to help support our children or children we know through the COVID-19 crisis presented by Christina.

Episode 3: How you can support the more vulnerable within our community and how CatholicCare can help support you with strategies and evidence-based therapy presented by John.

Episode 4: Self-care during a pandemic presented by Bonnie.

Episode 5: Stress and some tools that may help during this difficult time presented by Stuart.

Episode 6: Anxiety and how it may be affecting you during this time presented by Samuel.

Episode 7: Staying connected presented by Anna.

Episode 8: Employee Assistance Program and how it could help you and your team during this time presented by Anna.

Episode 9: SPARK (Separated Parents Are Raising Kids) program and how you can get involved online presented by Stuart.

Episode 10: Self-Hugging (you should try it!) presented by Amanda.

Episode 11: Control during COVID-19 presented by Christina.

Episode 12: SPARK (Separated Parents Are Raising Kids) Part 2 presented by Stuart.

Episode 13: Stress Part 2 presented by Stuart.

Episode 14: Back to School presented by Stuart.

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