COVID-19 is currently disrupting/impacting many aspects of our ordinary lives.

27 March 2020

The Toowoomba Family Relationship Centre acknowledges this may present some unique challenges for separated families who are raising children together. We therefore invite separated parents to contact us for assistance at this time.

Given the unique nature of the current circumstances, we are encouraging separated parents to put their differences aside and have a conversation about how they will respond to their family’s evolving needs and support their children while normal routines are being disrupted. We understand that these conversations can be difficult, particularly during stressful times so we invite separated parents to contact us for assistance. We have mediators and support workers available and can also refer clients to specialised counsellors for support if required. Flexible service arrangements are now in place to facilitate our ongoing support to separated families while social distancing precautions are necessary.

Remember, more than anything else, children need to see their parents maintaining a sense of calm wherever possible and doing their best work to cooperate with each other as co-parents.

Please call us for assistance on 1300 348 248

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