Workplace Stress Relief

22 October 2018

There comes a time between 8.30am in the morning and that 5pm mark in the afternoon where yelling at the top of your lungs can seem like the only practical solution to relieving the jungle feeling going on in your head. We have all felt it, some of us more often than others. So what are some tips that can help stress? After a little research from various sources. Here are some tips that are definitely worth giving a try to make that work day a little less stressful:

One – Breathe Deeply

According to Judith Tutin, a Psychologist in Rome, breathing deeply is beneficial in reducing stress levels as it helps to slow your heart rate and lower blood pressure. Taking a short 5 minute break to concentrate on your breathing can reverse the negative effects of stress.

Two – Reach Out

We work in an environment full of people that can commiserate with the stress we each feel. Reach out and open up. More often than not that network of people can provide the much needed support you need. Whether it’s a fresh perspective, good advice or just a listening ear. Your fellow co-workers are within reach to provide a much needed lifeline.

Three – Utilise your Lunch Break

Lunch breaks are called ‘breaks’ for a reason. They are the perfect opportunity to leave work, not only physically but also mentally. So why waste them. Take the opportunity to go for a walk, read a novel, meditate or simply escape the stress of your work environment.

Four – Remember the Positives

We all make mistakes, or simply get stuck in a rollover of schedules that never end. Make sure you remember the positives of each day and don’t be afraid to dwell on them. If something goes well keep it in mind for the next time you need a confidence boost.

Five – LAUGH

Laughing aids the body to release endorphins which are the natural feel good chemicals within your body. Take time to see the lighter side to life and in turn decrease stress levels. Rent a funny movie, look up jokes or go talk to that co-worker that’s always laughing. Laughter is infectious and a perfect stimulant to relieve stress!

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