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Our Workplace Conflict & Mediation Services

Workplace mediation

Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation is a voluntary and confidential service that supports personnel to improve communication and work through any grievances or disputes that have occurred in the workplace. Following a structured process, an independent and impartial mediator will meet with each participant individually first before bringing them together and supporting them to:

  • Identify the relevant issues that need to be discussed;
  • Have the necessary conversations in a facilitated, respectful & constructive way; and
  • Generate actions and/or solutions that are acceptable, practicable and sustainable for all involved.

Our Workplace Mediation service provides businesses with access to a service to support employees to resolve workplace conflict and assist to re-build working relationships. Mediation is a confidential, voluntary process involving only those in the dispute.

Workplace conflict coaching

Workplace Conflict Coaching

Conflict arises in all aspects of people's lives including at work, however most people have never been trained to understand how to have a difficult conversation or manage conflict.

In our workplace conflict coaching sessions, our mediators’ tailor their expert knowledge in conflict management to an individual’s needs to help them gain the insights and skills they need. These workshops provide tools and strategies to help employees improve communication, have difficult conversations, and deal with conflict whilst still engaging within their professional role.

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Find answers to some common questions about Workplace Conflict and Mediation services. If your question isn't addressed here, please reach out to us directly. We're here to help.

How can you resolve conflict in the workplace?

Unresolved conflict in a workplace can have a significant impact on the professional and personal lives of those individuals who are directly involved. It can also negatively affect other individuals at work, and left unresolved, these issues can impact whole teams and the collective culture of a workplace. However, if workplace challenges are managed well, these scenarios offer fertile learning opportunities that can generate significant growth and development for participants – both professionally and personally. Workplace Mediation services at the Business Resilience Centre (BRC) focus on supporting participants to lean into difficult conversations and view their workplace challenge as an opportunity to acquire new skills and insights for work and for life.

What is conflict coaching?

The purpose of Conflict Coaching is to provide support to individuals to help them better understand their communication (tone, body language, engagement) and conflict styles. The sessions are focused on providing strategies for emotional regulation, conflict resolution, and managing workplace and client relationships.

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