Youth Program

Supporting other agencies and individuals early to achieve better outcomes and reconnect youth to a life without crime.

Servicing the Darling Downs, Goondiwindi, and South West Queensland regions, this program is designed to enable early intervention to prevent crime and foster positive outcomes for young people within the community.

We work hard to develop strong relationships with the young people and their existing care teams to provide a supportive and proactive program. Providing assistance with a range of things from developing prosocial behaviours to connecting with healthy activities and relationships, we are focused on creating strong networks of support that young people can lean on for years to come.

Our program is heavily entrenched in a trauma-informed model that builds on and supports the goals and interventions that have been determined by the individual, their family and the referring agency.

Youth counselling

About the program

The Youth Program serves as a comprehensive and holistic initiative to meet the diverse needs of young individuals, offering guidance, support, and opportunities necessary to overcome challenges and build a positive future.

Our goal is to bring about positive changes in the lives of young people, their families, and the wider community. We aim to achieve improved outcomes, including:

  • Reduced recidivism
  • enhanced strengths and well-being,
  • families contributing to support youth in reducing future offences,
  • increased cultural connectedness,
  • stronger family/kin relationships,
  • active community participation in areas such as learning, employment, and housing,
  • reduced engagement with the Youth Justice system, and
  • the successful granting of bail with the capacity to meet its conditions.

Our program is supported with 2 Youth Counsellors who work hard to assist our young people and the team with our activity-based interventions.

Youth support


Our program is open to individuals who meet specific criteria, including young people who:

  • have committed or are alleged to have committed an offence,
  • are at risk of remand in custody due to a lack of positive support in their community,
  • are exiting detention from a period of remand and are at risk of reoffending,
  • are appearing in court on offences and are at risk of being remanded in custody,
  • have been granted bail and require support to meet the conditions of bail, or
  • are at risk of engaging in the justice system.

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